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Why We're Better

There are a lot of companies that claim to be the best (and they can't all be right). They claim to have the best payout, claim to have the best products, and claim to have the best management. So what truly makes Waiora the best?

The Products

The Products

We are the only company that provides more than 150 life-essential nutrients in a "one shot a day," product — providing 100 percent of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of the vitamins and minerals that are critical to health. We are the only ones with an activated, liquid zeolite product that detoxifies the body — eliminating the toxins and chemicals that we are exposed to every day and have been exposed to for our entire lives. And, we're the only company that has a patented Agaricus Blazei hybrid mushroom - a revolutionary immune enhancer that is so potent it's being studied by the National Institutes of Health.

The Opportunity

The Opportunity

We are here to help YOU succeed. There are a lot of industry veterans who say our compensation plan is the best in the industry (and they've seen a lot of them). Ask them why and they say it's because it gives you lucrative rewards for doing all the right things — it is the only one of its kind to pay out evenly and fairly across all levels. Like big bonuses when you enroll others are important because that's your primary source of income as you start out. And as your business grows, your percentage payout increases according to where you have the most sales - so you get more money on more people. It's enough to make you wonder why no one thought of it before. Check it out for yourself (link) and see how you can earn with every step of success.

The Management Team

You wouldn't ask a plumber to fix your electrical wiring. Yet some companies use that same logic with their management teams — bringing in executives from unrelated industries to run their network marketing operations. Not at Waiora. Our executive and management team is skilled where it counts — in running a profitable, debt-free, operation that is rewarding and secure for our distributors. With combined experience of over 130 years in successful network marketing, we are a team driven and dedicated to help you be successful. When you join Waiora, you aren't just joining a company — you're becoming part of our family.

At Waiora, you can rediscover your youth through our products, your dreams and your future through our business opportunity, and your life as a member of our Waiora family.

Join Waiora

Through the power of our products and the freedom of our opportunity, our members make a difference in people's lives, every day. Join us in making a difference.

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