Diamond Trip

It doesn't get any more exclusive than Waiora's annual Diamond Trip. Every year, our treasured Diamond leaders are rewarded with a luxurious, all-expense paid trip to paradise for six days of sun-drenched beaches and crystalline seas. From the aquatic wonderland of Atlantis in the Bahamas to the breathtaking, panoramic vistas of Hawaii, these glittering gems are treated to the ultimate vacation utopia.

Details for the next Diamond Trip are coming soon. And while the destination is to be revealed, one thing is certain - it's sure to be an once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Will you be there?

For your passport to your first Diamond Trip, you have to advance in rank during the qualification period and then you're in! For an invitation on future trips, you must advance and maintain in rank within the Diamond Club. Each level you advance equals another year's trip!

So this isn't just once-in-a-lifetime, for deserving Diamonds, it's once a year!

See Diamond Club snapshots and see what they have to say about their trips to paradise...


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