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Waiora. Real Income for Real People.

The success of word-of-mouth marketing is based on the principle of LEVERAGE—that as your team grows, everyone profits. With 3 types of income, real results are as easy as 1-2-3!

Immediate Income
Residual Income
Bonuses Income

Immediate — Leverage YOUR Income!

Grow your team with the people you know, and who they know, while earning multiple income streams.

Just point your customers to your free website, and we'll take care of the rest, giving you the profit. Or, buy at Member savings and sell Retail with a profitable 30% markup!

Every time you share Waiora, you earn BIG on your new Members' first order—up to a three level payout! 50% of the new Member order is paid in FastStart and 50% is paid in your Team Commissions. And with two FastStart cycles a month (1-15 and 16-31)—you're rewarded fast!


With no limit on your personal FastStart and Instant Bonus for the lifetime of your Membership, and residual earnings on reorders, it adds up to REAL income, REAL fast!

Instant Bonus
Everyone can earn Retail and FastStart income, but you have to be a PaceSetter or Premier Member to get this bonus! And it's BIG! Earn a one-time BONUS on every new Member you personally enroll!

2. Residual—Leverage your TEAM Income!

As people join your team they begin to share and your team grows exponentially in every direction, building a rewarding long-term income.

3. Bonus—Leverage EVERYONEss Income!

Starting at the rank of Ruby, you can earn bonuses! As your team grows, you share in everyone's success!

Rank Advancement Bonus (Ruby)
As you move through the ranks of Ruby, you earn a one-time bonus for each level achieved!

Growth Bonus (Emerald)
All Emeralds get a guaranteed bonus each month they meet personal enrollment and month-over-month infinity OV growth. To qualify, one (1) new PaceSetter or Premier must be enrolled, with 2,000 infinity OV growth.


Fast Track Bonus (Ruby and Emerald)
Fast track your rank advancement and you fast track your earnings with a one-time achievement bonus! The clock starts ticking the month you achieve your starting rank—advance in rank within the fast track timeline, maintain for consecutive months and the bonus is yours!


Diamond Global Bonus
Comprised of 3% of net global volume, Diamonds earn shares based on rank and month-over-month infinity OV growth (5,000 OV).

For Blue Diamond and above, growth must come from small legs (combined 2nd and 3rd) and growing month-over-month total infinity OV.


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And everyone has the chance to qualify for the Top Performers' Reward Trip, where we reward you and your loved one with lavish luxury trips (Vegas, New York!) where you'll feel truly rewarded!

Compensation Plan Chart

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See how to make real income, real fast with this simple chart.
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