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Network Marketing Explained

You watch cable TV in part because there are no commercials. You toss junk mail in the trash before you open it. You use Tivo to fast forward past commercials. You skip those online ads. Yet companies still spend billions of dollars a year flooding your airwaves, mailbox and inbox in the hope that you believe what they say. The fact is, traditional advertising no longer works. Network marketing does.

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How? It's simple

You already ask your friends and relatives what products they use when you buy something. And naturally, you believe them before you believe what any ad agency came up with. That's word-of-mouth — the most effective business model in the world. Instead of paying countless dollars to TV stations to air commercials that people don't watch, network marketing pays its 'advertising' dollars to members that share the products with others, in the form of commissions.

In fact, we spend 50 cents of every dollar on just that. Wouldn't you rather be rewarded for sharing with others?

Traditional Retail vs. Network Marketing Chart

There's no one better to tell you about a product than someone who's used it. And by cutting out all the middle-men, network (or word-of-mouth) marketing is the most efficient distribution system around.

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