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Nature's Ingredients

Like a master artist, Mother Nature creates some of the most picturesque visions imaginable — golden hues of a sunrise, tranquil blue waters of the deep sea, maple trees in autumn bloom, snow-capped mountains, and so much more.

She has also provided a palette of some of the most nourishing and efficacious ingredients mankind has ever known. Throughout time, and by various civilizations, these ingredients have been used to pamper the rich, heal the injured, treat the sick, and extend the quality of life for millions. Waiora combines wisdom of the ages, the most advanced nutritional and cosmeceutical science, and the best of Mother Nature in our products to help you rediscover your youth.

Nourishing and efficacious ingredients

These product formulations bring together ingredients like cherries, bananas, mangos, passion fruit, acai berries, and goji berries,—and that's just a few of the fruits. Add to the mix a healthy dash of herbs and extracts like chamomile, green tea, milk thistle, licorice, mojave, ginseng, and vanilla. Pour in a generous helping of some essential oils like bergamot, coconut, geranium, jojoba, lavender, rose hips, sunflower, and sweet almond. And finally, sprinkle in a few treasures from the ocean—Tahitian sea salts, laminaria, Irish moss, sea kelp, sea lettuce, and spirulina—and add a dash of zeolite—a mineral formed through volcanic eruption and you have the perfect recipe for looking and feeling young.

Mother Nature made the ingredients; Waiora provides natural solutions to help make you the picture of great health!

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