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Healthy Aging Formula
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Healthy Aging Formula
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The Most Unique Anti-Aging Supplement on the Market.

Waiora's HEALTHY AGING FORMULA uses a proprietary blend of natural ingredients to help reduce the effects of aging by naturally replenishing key compounds that decline with age. It has been scientifically formulated to help promote healthy joints, accelerate weight loss when dieting and exercising, and support healthy immune and cardiovascular function.*

Key Benefits

A Powerful Combination of Ingredients

As we age, not only are there visible signs of aging, but significant changes are taking place internally. From birth to 20 years of age, our hormone levels rise, contributing to increased metabolism, a high libido and a healthy immune system. But as we get older and our bodies and organs begin to age, these levels decrease, slowing our metabolism, lowering our libido, reducing our mobility, and making us vulnerable to illness and disease. Healthy Aging Formula provides support for these and other age-related concerns.*

This supplement contains 3—BETA, a patented, proprietary compound normally found in our bodies, which declines as we age. Replacing this key metabolite helps to maintain lean muscle mass and accelerate weight loss, promotes a healthy immune system, and supports heart and cardiovascular function.* Healthy Aging Formula also contains Bioactive Hyperimmune Milk Protein Concentrate, a unique blend of proprietary ingredients, proven to support normal joint function. It is the first supplement to contain both of these powerful ingredients which makes it one of the most unique anti-aging formulas available.

Directions for use

Take three (3) capsules with food in the morning and evening.

Key Benefits

  • Replenishes key compounds that decline with age.*
  • Supports joint health and mobility.*
  • May significantly enhance most weight loss programs.*
  • Promotes a healthy cardiovascular system.*
  • Reduces bad cholesterol.*
  • Helps maintain healthy blood pressure.*
  • Builds up your immune system.*

Hear From the Experts

"My personal experience with this product has been a substantial increase in my energy. I generally work hard and sleep about four to six hours a night. I am 54 and about a year ago, I found it really hard to keep up this pace. About that same time I started on Waiora's anti-aging products. Within two weeks I was right back to normal and have been there ever since. The fatigue I was experiencing was most likely related to the decline in DHEA that occurs as we age. The Healthy Aging Formula is replacing that DHEA, and I have all the energy I used to have as a result." †
-Steven T. M.D., MN


"I am 56 years old and have bad knees because of high school football. Both my knees were scoped when I was in my 30s, but the pain was so bad that if I played golf three days in a row, I could hardly walk up stairs at the end of the day. After just two weeks on the Healthy Aging Formula, my knee discomfort diminished. It's like I've had my knees replaced without the expense, inconvenience, and rehab from knee replacement surgery!" †
-Bob H., TX

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