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Wake Up Your Immune System.

It's pretty common place today to see people at the grocery store using the anti-bacterial wipes to clean the handle of the grocery cart or sitting down at a restaurant before a meal and using the anti-bacterial hand gel to disinfect our hands. But what about the germs and toxins that make it into our bodies? Pushing the buttons on the ATM machine or elevator, pumping gas, breathing the recycled air on an airplane, riding an escalator, to name a few, are all ways viruses, bacteria and toxins can enter our bodies and wreak havoc on our body's defenses.

The immune system is our body's armor against these invaders. However, it seems every day scientists discover hundreds of germs, bacteria, chemicals and pollutants that we come in contact with in our daily activities that contribute to, according to experts, a growing number of health threats and concerns. Continual exposures to these viruses, pollutants, bacteria and toxins may cause the body's defenses to be defenseless.

We need to minimize our exposure or help our body battle this burden.

Recommended by Doctors. Approved by Mom.

"When MegaDefense was first introduced, our daughter was one of the first we shared it with. Remarkably, she has not been sick once so far since taking it. And it fits into her lifestyle! She is a mother of two young children and owner of a dance studio, so she is around kids all the time. It is wonderful that she now has MegaDefense to support her immune system and keep her going! Thank you Waiora."
— Elaine G., ID

[Since MegaDefense] I have not felt better. Even more than the immediate effect is the confidence that I am protecting my families future health from tragedy.
— Doug I., FL

After having surgery in April twice and being diagnosed with a two advanced life-threatening conditions, MegaDefense became available. Since then, my health is improving, as are my CAT scans and blood work. And I did not have any radiation or chemical treatments what so ever. So Waiora…and me are locked on for life.
— Marcy L., NE

I am allergic to pollen, animal hair, dust, grass, etc. Basically, if there is a change in my environment, I have an allergic reaction which includes, runny nose, constant sneezing, and itchy/watery eyes. The month before I started taking MegaDefense, I was taking 2-4 Benadryl everyday! I took MegaDefense for almost two weeks, experienced zero allergic reactions, and haven't taken Benadryl once! Thank you for introducing me to this product.
— Tori D., TN

The Agaricus Blazei mushroom not only increases the total number of immune cells throughout the body, it makes each individual natural killer (NK) cell more powerful (33 to 49% more).
— Dr. Mamdooh Ghoneum. Ph.D, King Drew Medical Center of UCLA

I heard my son starting to cough the other night and the following morning ,he tells me that he is feeling sick, sore throat, cough and no energy. I gave him 3 MegaDefense capsules and 2 more later that afternoon. The following morning, he tells me that he is feeling better, no cough nothing! Today he tells me ."Mom , I think that stuff worked!". Amazing how quickly MegaDefense works ! No household should be without it!!
— Felice M., HI

Your First Line of Immune Defense

Waiora's MegaDefense is a premium, all-natural, immune-support solution. Pairing the power of the world's safest immune-modulating herb with the first proven heavy metal and toxins remover, MegaDefense is the most robust daily immune-support product on the market today. Scientists and medical experts agree that the key to optimal health and vitality is a healthy immune system. MegaDefense is a must for anyone looking to free themselves from the escalating costs of health care and take a proactive and preventive role in ensuring optimal health and vitality.*

Key Benefits

  • Supports Natural Killer (NK) Cell activity.*
  • Plays a role in immune health modulation.*
  • Protects against free radical damage.*
  • Promotes overall health and well-being.*
  • Helps protect cells.*

Related Research

Blends of Mushrooms are More Effective Than any One Mushroom Alone

It is therapeutically best to utilize a blend of several mushroom species, because "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts." For one thing, it is easier for pathogens in your body to adapt and become resistant to one mushroom than to several. Secondly, each mushroom species has a unique arsenal of anti-infective and immunomodulating agents.

These special agents include:

• Polysaccharides
• Glycoproteins
• Ergosterols
• Triterpenoids

You might have heard the term "beta glucans." The agents listed above are precursors to the more complex compounds, beta glucans. It is the synergism between ALL of these elements that makes mushrooms so medicinally powerful when consumed as a whole food—mycelium included.

Because mushrooms have such powerful immune-boosting effects, it isn't surprising that some have great potential for battling life-threatening conditions. Mushrooms with anti-tumor activity appear to increase the number and activity of killer T and natural killer (NK) lymphocytes, with no toxicity to healthy cells. Cancer cells are notorious for "hiding" from chemo agents. New research has shown that certain mushroom extracts help chemotherapy drugs better locate and identify cancer cells by "uncloaking them," thereby making chemo more effective.

This is getting some open-minded oncologists very excited! Medicinal mushrooms also strengthen your immune system if you are undergoing chemo, so cancer patients get a double benefit. The list of health benefits science is revealing to us about mushrooms is still growing, but thus far includes the following:

• Increased longevity
• Improved blood flow
• Cholesterol and blood sugar normalization
• Liver protection
• Kidney support
• Anti-viral

A carefully designed blend of medicinal fungi can deliver a powerful therapeutic punch, whether you just wish to help protect yourself from seasonal colds or flu, or you have a more serious condition. Either way, these special mushrooms can be an excellent adjunct to a healthful diet and lifestyle to improve your immune health.

(Source: J Cancer Research, J Nutrition, www.medicinalmushroom.net, et al.)

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   These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.