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Q. What is the Superior Fiber Blend?

A. Superior Fiber Blend is a natural, whole-food fiber drink mix, scientifically formulated to help maintain healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels and support digestive health. It delivers a superior matrix of ingredients and fibers-including guar gum, oat fiber, carrot fiber, fibersol, inulin, sugar cane fiber, citrus pectin and plant sterols-and a mix of antioxidant vitamins C and E.

Q. Why is fiber important?

A. Overall, the inclusion of fiber in the diet has many nutritional benefits, all of which support a healthy lifestyle. It is an extremely important component of the diet because of the major role it plays in contributing to gut health, which is considered to be the foundation of health and wellness. Contrary to popular belief, fiber does much more than simply maintain healthy regularity. It also contributes to superior mineral absorption, reinforces immunity, supports a low carbohydrate lifestyle, maintains healthy cholesterol levels, stabilizes body weight and promotes healthy digestive function.

Q. How much fiber should we have?

A. The American Heart Association and the American Dietetic Association recommends a healthy diet include 25 - 35 grams of fiber (soluble and insoluble) each day. In fact, the Food & Nutrition Board of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) increased the target amount of fiber in the daily diet to 25 grams for women and 38 grams for men, significantly higher than the average consumed daily 16 to 18 (for men) and 12 to 14 grams (for women).

Q. What are the benefits of using the Superior Fiber Blend?

A. This great-tasting fiber drink has numerous health benefits including:

  • Reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.
  • Lower total cholesterol.
  • Minimize absorption of (bad) cholesterol.
  • Maintain HDL (good) cholesterol or triglycerides.
  • Stabilize healthy blood sugar (glucose) levels.
  • Promote healthy cardiovascular and digestive systems.
  • Support a healthy colon and normal bowel function.
  • Prevent constipation and potential complications.
  • Prevent constipation and potential complications.

Q. What flavor is the fiber?

A. The Superior Fiber Blend has a refreshing orange flavor.

Q. How much fiber will I get from each serving of Superior Fiber Blend?

A. Each scoop delivers 5 grams of dietary fiber (3 grams soluble, 2 grams insoluble).

Q. How many servings of fiber are in each canister?

A. Each canister has 60 servings. Waiora recommends two servings each day.

Q. What role does soluble and insoluble fiber play in improving one's health?

A. Soluble fiber helps prolong stomach emptying time (providing a feel of fullness), and in the process, the sugar in the food is released and stored more slowly contributing to the lowering of blood cholesterol and glucose levels. Insoluble fiber does not dissolve in water and moves through your digestive tract largely intact. It helps keeps you regular and prevents constipation. This promotes a healthy digestive system and healthy colon.

Q. What makes Superior Fiber Blend different from other products on the market?

A. Superior Fiber Blends the only fiber supplement on the market that contains cholesterol-reducing plant sterols. It also contains both soluble and insoluble fibers to help support your cardiovascular and digestive systems. It includes arabinogalactan, a prebiotic fiber and immune enhancer, as well as inulin which also functions as a prebiotic as well as helps promote digestive regularity and increase the absorption of calcium in the diet-a beneficial effect in improving bone density and reducing the occurrence of osteoporosis. Another key ingredient in the fiber is the inclusion of cholesterol-reducing plant sterols, which has a significant impact in reducing your overall risk of heart disease. And it tastes great.

Q. Will this product make me feel bloated?

A. Some people who are not accustomed to high fiber diets may experience a full feeling. It is recommended that people unaccustomed to fiber should start with smaller servings and build up over time. The inulin in the Superior Fiber Blend acts as a prebiotic and helps in the digestion of the fiber.

Q. How does this product aid in lowering cholesterol?

A. Bile salts and bile acids are released into the intestinal tract to aid in the breakdown of food. These are then reabsorbed into the bloodstream and used to manufacture new cholesterol. Waiora's Superior Fiber Blend is hydrolyzed in the stomach and forms a loose gel fiber matrix. When the bile salts and bile acids try to break down the gel fiber matrix, they get trapped inside it and evacuated from the body along with the fiber. This process is known as "bile acid sequestration". Since the bile products are not reabsorbed into the bloodstream, the liver must break down circulating cholesterol to create new stores of bile acids and bile salts. This lowers serum cholesterol over time.


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