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Jason Groode

Jason, a DIAMOND CLUB member with Waiora, lives in Kihei, Hawaii with his wife of more than 30 years, Dechen, and loves to travel to the mainland to visit his children and grandchildren.

After selling my insurance and financial consulting business in mid 70s, I dropped out of mainstream society and lived on the beach in Venice, California, where I studied meditation and alternative healing. After completing my training, I opened a practice, but that too became busy and all–consuming. While my motivation is to reduce suffering, I also have to balance that with not wanting to have to work all the time and spend time in nature and in my relationships with my family. So I let the alternative healing practice that I had cultivated for several months go, and instead, began to pursue projects that are spiritually fulfilling and rewarding.

Waiora has become such a project for me. I wasn't looking for it, but it found me. The weekend before I learned about Natural Cellular Defense, I attended a meditation retreat, and during a break, one of the participants looked into my eyes and informed me that I had heavy metal poisoning. Having had my eyes read by the founder of Iridology, Dr. Bernard Jensen many years ago, I knew it to be true, but didn't know what I could do about it. The next morning, I received a call about a new product, Natural Cellular Defense that helped to remove heavy metals and other toxins. My inner guidance said a resounding yes!

I ordered the product and planned to be just a customer. I had done network marketing before, and while I knew the energy of people working together could be a win–win situation, I disliked the hype associated with this form of marketing. It was important to me to be true to who I was, and that hype just wasn't me. After taking Natural Cellular Defense, I found myself telling others about it. I started receiving so many calls from people who had wonderful results with the product, which was very rewarding, so I just kept telling people about it.

Soon my friend Dr. Gabriel Cousens, who studied the product extensively joined, as well as my dear friend Bob Schmidt. I didn't even look at the compensation plan for the first month, as that was not my intention or motivation. Then Marcy Littlejohn called me, and strongly suggested that I'd better start paying attention to the compensation plan, and the potential this product and opportunity had for me. It quickly became my intention, after many others started joining in significant numbers.

When you’ve been retired for as long as I have, finances become tighter as time goes on. So my wife and I were faced with a choice of going back to work or simplifying our lifestyle. We chose to simplify our lifestyle, which brought with it many rewards as well as challenges. Waiora has added a new dimension to our lifestyle with the financial freedom it brings.

As a manager and salesman, I appreciate the management of Waiora. I have been in companies before that experienced growing pains. Waiora offers value that makes it pleasant to be with the company—never late on checks, no computer glitches, product always delivered in a timely manner and excellent conventions. My wife and I really enjoy the Top Performers' Reward Trips to Las Vegas. My family is very supportive of the time and effort I need to expend in creating and servicing an organization the size of the one I have been blessed with. I talk with many of the Waiora Support Team on the phone and they are all wonderful people and easy to work with.

While the ability to buy a new car and live in a nice home on a beautiful island like Maui is a benefit from our experience with Waiora, it is only one aspect of our experience. Being able to help others with compassion and caring is one of its most rewarding attributes. When I share the products and opportunity, I come from a place of sincerity and compassion. How do you teach that? You will always be true to your inner dialogue—no one else hears it—and it tells us who we really are. If that dialogue guides you to serve others, then you will be able to be sincere and compassionate when you interact with them.

My wife and I spend four weeks a year participating in various spiritual and meditation retreats to assist us in remaining focused on what is real and truthful. We have been doing this for over twenty–five years. Earlier this year, we spent ten days in a meditation retreat with over 75 of our spiritual friends, including Dr. Gabriel Cousens. My wife and I have been together now for thirty wonderful years, and I believe that a successful home life is the essence of a successful business life, as well as happiness and peace. A loving home life allows you to work from a place of comfort and harmony.

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Jason Groode

"Waiora has added a new dimension to our lifestyle with the financial freedom it brings, allowing us to enjoy four weeks each year at various spiritual and meditation retreats."

— Jason Groode


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